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Imtiyaz is a Learning & Consulting solutions provider that was founded in 2021. We bring a combined 25+ years of various roles in the learning & consulting field, mostly in sales

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Our experience has shown that a combination of several delivery methods works more effectively to help ensure our training objectives are met.

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Allow us to share in-depth case studies on how we helped dozens of talent identify the key issues, translate them into training objectives, design the training curriculums & programs, execute them and support top-line & bottom-line highlights.

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I'm grateful for what Doddy gave to this program. Doddy is intelligent, knowledgeable, trustworthy and a hard worker. The program was done on a 'shoe-string' budget and took a great deal of ingenuity, creativity and passion to bring it to life. He understand the world of training very well, is a motivational speakers, cares deeply about the member experience and is always willing to adjust and moderate his approach as circumstances dictate.
Peter Kropp
Global Director of The Body Shop Home
Doddy managed very well the uncertainty and partial lack of resources of a start-up situation. He is a fast learner, knows how to stay calm and focused and get the job done. He is a team player and always attentive to the integration of all other team members. His conceptual and creative competence to create trainings that bring success and motivation were a big support that contributed greatly to the success of Jafra in those 2 years.
Evelyne Klepic
Country Director of Pampered Chef, France
Doddy is one of the experienced sales trainers I have ever known, understands internal and market needs, not only theory but practice in the field is very mastering, and is able to build good relationships with salespeople from various positions!
Frans Irawan
Deputy General Manager of Priskila Prima Makmur (Bellagio)
Doddy has passion in training and developing people. he already give positive contributions in training materials development and training methods improvement.
Arini Tathagathi
HRGA Manager of Pertamina Training & Consulting